Cool Sailing Charters

Wow, it was 40º C in Nerja yesterday. I don’t know about you but that’s just a little bit too hot for me. Luckily for us we were out on the water enjoying the experience of another sailing charter. That said, our customers were enjoying it far more than we were.

Why was that? I hear you ask… The answer is simple, they were relaxing on our very comfortable beanbags on the bow drinking beer and cava whilst chatting and catching rays. A breeze was blowing just enough to keep them cool but if they did get a little too hot we were able to drop the anchor and let them cool off with a refreshing swim in the cool Mediterranean waters.

Oh, and they definitely didn’t go hungry either. The snacks were flowing as freely as the drinks. All in all they were made to feel like royalty for the best 3 hours of their holiday.

So, too hot on the beach? It’s lovely and cool on the water!!!

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Sailing Charters

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